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13 July 2008 @ 11:52 pm
[Log] In China with family  
Muses: Jay Chou
Rating/Warning: PG 13 / Profanity?
Location: China
Style: LJ / Paragraph
Status: Private / Complete
Summary: Jay Chou having a bad summer holiday.

"God damn it, I hate this heat..." That thought has been running through my mind all morning on this humid day in July. The air is so saturated with humidity that I could actually feel myself sweating as I stand in the cold shower, not wanting to get out. I stood still with my eyes closed, enjoying the cool water hitting my face as I procrastinated for five more minutes before turning off the water. As I stepped out of the shower to towel myself dry, I heard giggling of children outside of the bathroom door. Knowing that something mischievous awaits me outside, I quickly seek to put on my clothes only to discover that my pants were not where I last left it. Realizing that I am indeed stuck on the receiving end of another frustrating prank set by those little brats, I felt myself sweating profusely as I grew more infuriated by the second. Putting on my shirt and boxers that they left for me so generously, I stormed out of the bathroom door, and promptly tripped over a heavy backpack which they conveniently placed outside of the door to impede my path.

"Did you have a nice trip?" One of the kids smartly asked as all of his posse's howled with laughter.

I stood up slowly, composed myself, and decided that a more...drastic measure is necessary.

"I will give you a 10 seconds head-start," I said slowly to no one in particular, "and whoever I catch, I will beat them savagely until they give me my pants."

The kids looked at each other and then immediately bolted in different directions. Some went to different bedrooms, others ran downstairs, and some even ran outside of the house.

"One, Two, Ten!" I yelled aloud and started to run towards the stairs, making as much noise as possible so the kids would think I was being true to my words. Instead of running down the stairs, I turned the corner and ducked into my bedroom to search for a different pair of pants. I have a job interview in one hour, and I really do not have time to play hide and seek with these brats.

"If I can get this job as assistant music editor," I thought to myself, "then I will never have to babysit for my grandma again, and I will never have to put up with such pestilence anymore."

Just as I thought I had outsmarted them, that I would not have to play their little game of cat and mouse, I realized that I have been mistaken for the second time today as I reached into my bag only to discover that my wallet and keys are in the pair of pants which they are currently holding hostage at an unknown location. I growled angrily at my predicament and got ready to hunt down these kids as quickly as possible.

"You wanna play?! Let's play!!!!!"