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03 November 2008 @ 05:43 pm
Muses: Chang Hyun and anyone who is willing to join
Rating/Warning: None as of yet
Location: The halls of Hogwarts
Style: LJ / Paragraph
Status: Incomplete, public
Summary: Changhyun feels up to walking before lights out, just something to clear his mind before he goes back to the common rooms. But unfortunately he gets himself lost, and he freaks out, not wanting to get introuble...

Chanhyun leaves the comfort of his bed, finding that even coming back earlier than any of the others in his dorm did not help him sleep earlier. He had alot on his mind, such as his lack of motivation to do anything. He needed to set things straight with himself and get on the ball of things. But tonight he could sleep, not even close his eyes. So Changhyun left the Ravenclaw house, finding himself walking about the halls of Hogwarts that were not restricted to the students. Glancing down at his clock he acknowledged the time and decided to just walk around for another hour or so before he'd go back to the common rooms and sleep. But who knew he would get lost just by turning a simple corner, a path he wasn't familiar with. It's not like Changhyun was new or anything, its just that he didn't get a proper tour of the school, and so here he was lost, and hoping that he wont get introble for bing out late or for being where he was, because honestly he didn't know where the hell he was, just that somewhere in Hogwarts. Bute he swore that if he got back safely with out getting introble then he'd ask someone to give him a proper tour. And so Changhyun continues to walk, eventually finding himself to be getting further and further away from the Ravenclaw house.  "Where am I now?...." He speaks softly to himself, he doesn't dare to disturb the the paintings on the walls. Never would he. But he needed help...

Current Mood: nervousnervous
spazzy_yang: *gapes*spazzy_yang on November 9th, 2008 06:01 pm (UTC)
As always, Rainie was sneaking back out tonight to the kitchens, for a late night snack. She skipped happily down the hallways, bare feet not making any noise. Spotting someone up ahead her steps faltered and her eyes widened. Should she hide? Rainie was about to duck behind a suit of armor until she realized that the silhouette of the person ahead didn't match any of the teachers.