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10 September 2008 @ 01:44 pm
LOG: The Unlucky Class on Saturday  
Muses: Severus Snape, Kim Yoobin, Nakashima Mika, Choi Dongwook, Ueda Tatsuya, Seon Mi, Kim Junsu, Horikita Maki, Yang Rainie, Park Yoochun, Cho Kyuhyun, Jung Yunho
Rating/Warning: G
Location: Classroom, then heading towards kitchen
Style: AIM/Action
Status: Open/Incomplete
Summary: Snape makes students go to class on a Saturday, then they escape to go find food.

Professor Snape: -Nostrils flare- ... And just what do we have here ...?
Yoobin: *turns her back and moves to a nice corner*
Professor Snape: -glares at ickle students- ... Miss Yang, late for class already I see?
Mika: -raises a hand- Uh, professor, it's a saturday.
Se7en: *watches numbers increase*
Yoobin: *nods in her little corner*
Professor Snape: ... -glances at calendar- 5 points from Hufflepuff!
Professor Snape: I don't need you to tell me that!
Maki: *fiddles with book quietly in confusion*
Sunmi: *huddles next to Maki* o-o
Maki: *smiles shyly* Hi Sunmi. ^-^
Kyuhyun: *eyes the events in the room* ._.
Yoochun: *walks to a window and spaces out*
Professor Snape: -stalk stalk stalk to the front of the classroom, cloak billowing- Since someone blew up the classroom this week, your class has been moved to a saturday ...
Yunho: *speechless*
Professor Snape: Open your books to page 43.
Rainie: ...*pokes Yunho*
Junsu: *nervous*
Yoochun: *head snaps to the front of the classroom* Eh?
Yoobin: *shakes head and moves to sit down*
Maki: *opens book up to said page and takes out parchment and a quill*
Junsu: *sighs* why does he have to be so scary ?
Se7en: *watches steak disappear as classroom setting appears* ..... *frowns* ....... damn ....
Yunho: .... *opens it up and grimaces at Rainie*
Yoobin: *throws a random paper ball at yunho*
Rainie: *pouts at book and does the same*
Yunho: *hits the back of his head* Hey! *turns around*
Yoobin: *feigns innocence* hmmm?
Rainie: *giggles*
Se7en: *snickers as Yunho get's hit*
Professor Snape: On the page is a list of instructions for a potion ... go gather the materials from the cupboards there and brew it in the next two hours.
Yoobin: *eyes page*
Sunmi: *mumbles quietly* ...Why am I in a senior class...
Yoochun: *lays forehead on book*
Maki: *whispers at Sunmi* I don't know? I guess we should do it anyways...?
Junsu: *looks out of the window, being lost in thoughts*
Professor Snape: After that, you will prepare two feet of parchment on the reaction between these ingredients on the potion -scribbles something on the board-
Yoochun: *lays chin on book to look at the board*
Junsu: *takes a lemondrop out of his pocket and unwarps it*
Se7en: *makes a face at the list of new instructions* ... *sighs* .... *picks up his book reluctantly*
Yunho: T-two feet!
Rainie: *copies the stuff on the board before getting up to grab the ingredients*
Yoobin: *massages temples*
Se7en: .... do we get to work in partners for this?
Yoobin: *suddenly straightens up at the question*
Kyuhyun: *reads quietly, annoyed*
Professor Snape: -vein pops out- is there a problem?
Yoochun: *looks around the classroom, checking the possibilities*
Yoochun: *looks around the classroom, checking the possibilities*
Yunho: *comes back from getting ingredients and flicks Yoobin in the forehead before sitting back down*
Yoobin: *head hits book on impact* YAH...! *smacks Yunho's butt as he passes*
Yunho: *jumps a little and glares back at Yoobin* :| *resists rubbing his butt*
Yoobin: *glares right back at yunho*
Kyuhyun: *eyes portrait hanging on top of the board*
Se7en: *shakes head* *gets up and gets his materials*
Maki: *fidgets indecisively* ....
Junsu: *ignores class and sighs, he was hopeless at potions anyway*
Kyuhyun: *hides wand behind a book*
Yoobin: *throws another paper ball at grandpa - ball bounces on top of his head and hits snape's back*
Kyuhyun: *makes portrait fall on snape*
Sunmi: *stares while trying to copy notes down* O.O
Se7en: *blinks and looks up just as the portrait hits snape*
Yoobin: O.O *eyes room and looks for culprit*
Maki: *pauses in mid-action of getting up to get ingredients* o-o
Kyuhyun: kyu: *keeps wand and goes back to read*
Rainie: *nearly drops her ingredients*
Yoochun: *notices someone in front, shifting to pocket something* Hmm... *grins*
Junsu: *lookes at snapes reaction with a dull stare* Wonder who's gonna blame...
Yoobin: *straightens out extra paper ball, folds and sneaks inside pocket* - *waits*
Yunho: *busy looking through the textbook*
Maki: *slowly slides back into her seat unnoticably and looks down at her book again*
Yoochun: *shakes head before sleeping on book*
Yunho: *trying to be studious for once*
Professor Snape: -didn't notice anything-
Se7en: *bored* *goes through his book cooking up the potion with complete disinterest*
Mika: -scratches her head- I barely started and I feel like ditching class...
Yunho: *perks up from the words and sneaks a glance at her*
Professor Snape: -Greasy Hair Shield.tm? XD-
Rainie: Ehhhh...*looks over at Mika* that meakes sense...? We're not even sure which year level he's supposed to be teaching...
Rainie: *makes
Yoobin: *hears girl say something about ditching* - *perks up*
Kyuhyun: *annoyed at the backfire, goes to make potion*
Mika: -glances over and cutting stuff up- I don't know either. He might be upset or something. Or drunk?
Sunmi: *goes over to Kyuhyun with a flask* Kyuhyun oppa... is this supposed to be the right colour?
Yoobin: *listens to exchange* - *stares at rainie*
Maki: *gets started on her own potion with a sigh*
Kyuhyun: *turns to look at sunmi's work* hm. needs to be a few shades darker. Here, add this?
Yunho: *nudges Mika* If we can distract him, we might be able to get out..
Junsu: *sighs and stands up to get his ingredients, being too distracted and takes the wrong things*
Yunho: *completely forgets his resolution for the new year*
Yoobin: *leans in to get a better hold of what yunho is saying*
Rainie: *sits down next to them with interest*
Junsu: *begins to set up the things for the potion, only now noticing he has the wrong things* Uh... I really don't want to do this...
Sunmi: *takes it* Um.. this? Just a dark shade right? *sets the flask down and pours a little bit of what Kyu gave her into the flask and watches it gurgle*
Yoobin: *nudges yunho's chair with a foot* So, grandpa?
Kyuhyun: Yeah. Perfect. *eyes flask as the potion settles*
Yunho: *looks behind him* ...Well... who wants to distract Snape?
Se7en: *yawns*
Mika: It'd be so much easier if we still had some proper troublemakers around.
Maki: *raises hand in the air after bottling her potion* Professor, I don't feel well...can I leave early since I finished my potion?
Mika: -dumping things into a cauldron- Damnit how did Maki finish that quick?
Junsu: *With a lazy smirk he begins to just randomly put in the ingredients, hoping it would explose and they could all leave...*
Professor Snape: ... -swipes the potion from Maki's hand- ...
Kyuhyun: *sends a note to Yunho's direction* (written) you have a plan?
Professor Snape: -stares at it- ... Good enough. One less brat in my classroom.
Professor Snape: Do not forget the essay.
Professor Snape: -breathes-
Maki: *bows slightly* um....thank you...? *nods and gathers things into her bag, trying not to giggle*
Yoochun: *feigns sleep for a few more moments* - *stealthily crawls his way out of the classroom in the middle of the commotion* - *pulls at Junsu's robe on his way out*
Yunho: *stares incredulously at Snape*
Professor Snape: -Sighs and sits heavily at his desk ... and then glares- Mr Jung, what are you staring at? Pay attention to your potion! 10 points from Gryffindor!
Yoobin: Ah this is hopeless... *head desks*
Professor Snape: -Didn't notice Yoochun at all-
Mika: -nudges rainie- Is he spacing out or something ...?
Junsu: *Looks up from mixing all kind of things so it would explode when he feels someone pulling his robe and sees Yoochun leaving* Uh so unfare... *follows*
Kyuhyun: *raises hand* Professor, what would this essay be about?
Rainie: Maybe...? *tries not to accidentally cut herself*
Sunmi: *stares at Maki* Um um.. *takes her hand and helps her out too* >.>
Maki: *shrinks back a little from Yoochun and Junsu following up behind her* uhh....
Professor Snape: -frowns deeply- one would expect a Ravenclaw to have better memory -stalks up in Kyuhun's direction, turning away from the door-
Kyuhyun: *whispers to sunmi* go get out as soon as you get the chance. 8D
Yoobin: *leans back and straightens up again as Snape makes his way to the chairs to approach a student*
Professor Snape: -points at the board- The essay is about the reactions of these three ingredients in your potion -picks up some root, a crushed flower and a bit of green powder-
Mika: -makes a shooing motion to Maki, like get out now!-
Kyuhyun: ah. do i need to elaborate on the chemical reactions of each ingredient to the potion, or just a general conclusion for the three?
Yunho: *sulks a little over the points reduction and rubs his face* Gaaahh...
Junsu: *accidently trips over some books, and looks up with big caught eyes... oh he really hopes snape didn't saw that. He quickly sneaks further away.*
Yoobin: *brows furrow at the way the familiar prefect speaks*
Kyuhyun: *looks at yunho while snape not looking* GO! *mouths*
Maki: eep...*scuttles out of the room while still holding onto Sunmin's hand*
Yoochun: *hears slip and crawls even faster out of the door*
Rainie: and...this...? *sticks the things she was cutting into the cauldren*
Yunho: *takes his books and hops on over to Junsu, grabbing his arm to help him up and slips out the classroom with him*
Sunmi: *finally out in the hall and looks at Maki while still walking* o-o
Maki: umm...what are we supposed to do now? *looks back at her and the others also coming out*
Junsu: *When he almost reached the door, he took one of Rainie's ingredients wich he know of that was highly dangerous with mixing in his potion,
Junsu: and aimed it right in, maken the potion go BOOM. He smirked and quickly sneaks out, Yunho pulling him.*
Yoobin: *confused seeing Yunho as he walks away* o.o *looks back at still oblivious snape and starts to stand up too*
Yoobin: ...............
Yoobin: Holy...! *ducks under desk at the sound of the explosion*
Kyuhyun: *looks up, startled, coughing as smoke started to fill the room*
Rainie: *Was startled by the explosion and squeaks in pain when some of the exploded poption gets on her arm* ow!
Junsu: *comes out from the classroom and burst out in laughing, seeing other people had excaped too.*
Yoobin: *crawls out from under the desk, coughing, and makes her way out of the door*
Kyuhyun: *got up and out of the room, stumbling out because of the smoke blinding him*
Professor Snape: aaaugh dunderheads! All of you out! out now!
Professor Snape: -using spells to blow away the smoke-
Junsu: *still having a hold on Yunho's arm, and he on his, he began to run away, not wanting to get cought by snape*
Rainie: *also coughs and stumbles out of the room, trying to ignore the burning feeling on her arm from the potion*
Mika: -Tosses her stuff into a bag and walks out with her hands in her pockets-
Professor Snape: -Vanishes everything in the cauldrons, uses a spell to shove everyone out and lock the door-
Sunmi: *startled by the explosion, she stares wide-eyed at Maki* Oh! *turns around to see everyone out of the class* ...O.O
Mika: -Shrugs- don't make that face. He kicked us out.
Maki: oh.....*watches it as well, and notices a girl walking out cradling her arm with a grimace*
Tatsuya: *wanders down hallway to see people* Uh did something happen? *fixes robes and gets a bit wide eyed from all the people and what seems to be an explosion* Good thing I was busy today. >_>
Se7en: *shakes his head and follows everyone out, using the confusion as cover*
Rainie: A potion exploded. *winces as the burning feeling spreads* ...I'm off to the hospital wing....
Yunho: Well you're lucky Tatsuya... you weren't dragged into Snape's class.. *eyes him* What were you doing all day?
Kyuhyun: *notices rainie's arm* Oh no. that looks bad. I can come with you.
Professor Snape: -stumbles out of the classroom, locks the door behind hm-
Tatsuya: ......Nothing with Heechul if that's what you're wondering. *cough* I mean I had to help out in the library. You're hurt Ranie? *worried*
Professor Snape: What're you all doing here? -He's turned green with orange, blue and pink spots-
Junsu: *only now the excitement is gone he noticed too* Rainie ? you alright ? *feels guilty*
Rainie: ahh, yeah, I don't...think it's too bad though?? *her voice is strained and she tries to cover her injured arm with her robe*
Maki: urrr...Professor...? *eyes widen at seeing him.*
Professor Snape: Miss Yang, get yourself the infirmary. All the rest of you, clear off before I give you all detention! -the colourful spots start flashing different colours-
Tatsuya: Ah hello Professor Snape~ you're quite....colorful. *raises an eyebrow before turning to Rainie* You need that checked Rainieee~ don't make me drag you.
Mika: -struggling to contain her laughter-
Kyuhyun: *escorts Rainie* Let's go?
Se7en: *tilts his head at Raine* .... *glances at Snape* ... *looks back around* .... what a class ....
Junsu: *Doesn't know if he should laugh or be worried*
Kyuhyun: *looks back to secretly smirk at Snape's condition*
Rainie: *momentarily forgets her pain at the sight of snape* Yeah, right. Who wants to go with me? *looks up at Kyu* Thanks~
Professor Snape: -Stares at tatsuya- You're lucky you're in Slytherin. Get going. -turns around and goes towards his quarters, his footsteps making funny baby noises-
Maki: *finally lets a giggle escape as the head of her house walks away*
Yunho: *stifles a laugh*
Tatsuya: I happen to be your prefect, you might want to do something about that Professor~~~ *calls out after and sticks his hands in his pockets*
Mika: ... I guess this year is off to a good start! -laughing at snape so hard that tears are coming out-
Professor Snape: -disappears down a hallway-
Sunmi: *doesn't know what to think and giggles with Maki* Um... we should get going..
Maki: Where should we...ah, go?
Junsu: *stands a bit to the side, feeling to guilty to enjoy his victory*
Yunho: *looks back at Se7en* What happened to that steak?
Se7en: *blinks at him* .... *shrugs in utter confusion* .... not a clue ... I'm rather disappointed as well
Tatsuya: *raises an eyebrow at all of this in confusion* >_> Well then.
Mika: Yosh, I'm hungry.
Rainie: *starts walking to the infirmary with a sigh* I'm not turning colors like Snape is, right? *wonders if she should lift up her sleeve and look*
Mika: ... Junsu, go get me something to eat? -pats his shoulder-
Se7en: ... I say trip to the kitchen ...
Sunmi: *raises hand* I want to.
Junsu: *frowns at mika* Why should I do that ? Lets just all go ?
Maki: I'm also a little hungry...? *hesistant, because she doesn't know a lot of people here*
Mika: -shrugs- let's all go then! here, carry my stuff then Junsu -laughs jokingly-
Yunho: *laughs* Okay... Hufflepuff prefects battle or something..? *takes Mika's bag* Let's go to the kitchen.
Kyuhyun: *lifts rainie's arm gingerly, lifting the sleeve to check* Seems normal enough. Perhaps you won't suffer the same fate as Snape because you weren't exposed to too much of the potion?
Junsu: *sticks out his tongue* I just got us all out of here... I'm not gonna cary anything
Tatsuya: *just going to follow along as really he has nothing else to do* I'll come as well~ I'm hungry from all the stuff I've been doing today~
Rainie: ehhh...wasn't he exposed to the smoke? *looks at her arm* looks like I got lucky with a burn??
Mika: Ahh thank you Yunho! ... wait what am I thanking you for? You didn't even ask ... oh nevermind.
Se7en: *grins at Junsu before heading down with the other's toward the kitchen*
Kyuhyun: Yeah, I guess. *gives Rainie a small smile* Lucky. Come on, let's hurry to get that treated, then let's follow everyone to the kitchens. 8D
Sunmi: *pulls Maki along, excited* Maybe we can get grape juice?
Tatsuya: *looks between all of them and just laughs to himself*
Maki: M-maybe?? *stumbles a bit and catches her excitement in a quieter way*
Yunho: *ruffles Mika's hair with a laugh* You're welcome.
Rainie: Alright~! That sounds good to me! I want to eat something sweet~ *smiles back and bounces to the infirmary*
Tatsuya: *just walks up beside Yunho, watching the whole scene*
Mika: -standing still, watches everyone moving around- ... But the infirmary and the kitchens are opposite ways... >_>;
Tatsuya: They'll get there someday I suppose~
Yunho: *turns to Tatsuya* Do you know how to cook?
Tatsuya: *nods slowly* Why?
Yunho: Good... cause.. I can't. *gives a pointed look*
Se7en: *pokes the back of Junsu's head absently as they walk to the kitchen*
Junsu: Hi ! *pouts~at Ven* And I want Ice cream~~
Rainie: *suddenly noticed it was silent and glances back* Where did everyone go?
Sunmi: Let's sing something on our way there? *smiles at Maki and sings the first song, then wounds another arm under Mika's* We're off to see the Wizard..~
Tatsuya: Well....it would be funny to watch you cook Yunho~
Se7en: *grins at him* ... yeah? well I'm sure the house elves will be accomodating as usual ...
Yunho: *stares* ... Are you sure you know how to cook? Is that an excuse? *grins*
Maki: *doesn't know the song Sunmi is singing but softly echoes her*
Mika: -Stares- eh, a wizard? aren't there lots of wizards?
Junsu: Yunho cook ? *giggles* Would be a disaster...
Tatsuya: My mother taught me~ and it's not an excuse. It's just me seeing everything get messed up. *laughs*
Se7en: it'd be amusing to watch though ...
Yunho: You guys aren't serious... we're trying to eat something decent.. not get poisoned..
Junsu: *nods*
Tatsuya: I'd laugh until we blew something major up~~~
Sunmi: *giggles* No~ it's a muggle song. We're off to see the wizard.. the wonderful wizard of oz~
Yunho: Maybe we can make something for Rainie when she's done her checkup? *seriously doesn't think it's a good idea for him to make anything*
Mika: That song ...? -kind of half skipping along with them- isn't that from a really really old movie?
Maki: Movie?? *looks over at Mika with interest*
Tatsuya: Of course, the house elves can even if you want. *smiles at Yunho*
Mika: -looks over- ... Maki is pureblood?
Maki: Yes...? *fidgets a little uncomfortably*
Yunho: Hmm... *thinks about it* What can you make?
Tatsuya: Most things~ *tilts head* What would she want anyway?
Yunho: Something sweet? *looks at Junsu too*
Junsu: *nods happy* yes I think she said that
Sunmi: *makes an O shape with her mouth*
Tatsuya: Mmm, that I can deffinantly do. Heechul likes me to make sweet things. *laughs softly*
Junsu: Ice cream~~~~ *giggles*
Tatsuya: We don't even have to make that, I know there's some in the kitchens right now~~~
Mika: Eh ...should i explain what movies are ...?
Sunmi: *nods while still making the three of them skip*
Maki: I-if it's not a problem...? *inclines her head forward slightly in a small bow*
Yunho: How about something with ice cream?
Tatsuya: *thinks for a moment and nods* Sounds good to me~~ I need something to do anyways. :3
Yunho: ....Let's make our own creation. We'll call it Rainie face.
Mika: -Distracted- What!? did I heard something about Rainie's face?!
Sunmi: Someone's face? O.O *looks at the older kids*
Rainie: Alrighty~! we're here already~! * smiles at the infirmary door*
Tatsuya: ......You're calling it Rainie face?
Junsu: *is distracted thinking bout ice cream*
Maki: *speaks softly*Rainie face...? That..sounds a bit depressing...?
Tatsuya: Is it? It's all Yunho's idea. >_>
Yunho: Well.. what would you call it then, genius?
Kyuhyun: You go get that fixed, Rainie-sshi, I'll wait for you right here. *smiles again*
Maki: s-sorry... *looks down*
Tatsuya: *whacks Yunho's arm* Don't be mean.
Yunho: *big eyed* O_O I don't mean-- sorry.
seonmimi): Ah! Is that it? *points to the still life painting*
Tatsuya: *tsks and looks over at Maki* He didn't mean you of course Maki. ^^ He was talking to me~~~
Se7en: *rests his hands behind his head as he walks with the others*
Maki: ...*nods hesitantly*
Mika: -pats Maki- ehehe. let's eat. I'll talk about movies in a second.
Sunmi: *waggles finger at Yunho* Meanie to girls~
Se7en: *snickers as he listens to the conversation*
Yunho: Yeah let's go make something now. *changes topic and heads over to the painting, tickling the pear and opening the entrance to the kitchen*
Junsu: *in his distraction walks into a different hallway*
Se7en: *glances over as Junsu seems to wander away* *blinks and pauses* ..... where are you going space case? *takes a few steps after the other boy*
Tatsuya: *laughs softly and follows the other* ...*looks over* Junsu? Uh....Junsu come back?
Junsu: *walks into a wall and bumps his head* AISHH stupid wall ! *pouts and rubs his head*
Se7en: *laughs softly under his breath* ... *walks over to him* ... yeah it's the walls fault ... *wraps an arm around the other neck from behind playfully, steering him towards the group again* ... come on
Yunho: .... *laughs and shakes his head* Are you okay?
Rainie: Be back in a bit! * Rainie bounds in through the doors, giving Pomfrey a short summary of what happened and getting her arm healed.*