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03 November 2008 @ 05:43 pm
Muses: Chang Hyun and anyone who is willing to join
Rating/Warning: None as of yet
Location: The halls of Hogwarts
Style: LJ / Paragraph
Status: Incomplete, public
Summary: Changhyun feels up to walking before lights out, just something to clear his mind before he goes back to the common rooms. But unfortunately he gets himself lost, and he freaks out, not wanting to get introuble...

What?! Where am I?!Collapse )
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12 October 2008 @ 10:09 pm
Muses: Joo Brian and Jang Woohyuk
Rating/Warning: PG
Location: Outside on school grounds, then lake
Style: AIM/Paragraph
Status: Private/Incomplete
Summary: Brian gives Ming [Woohyuk's female form] some flying lessons

To the field!Collapse )
19 September 2008 @ 07:11 pm
Muses: Kim Youngwoon, Shim Changmin, Ueda Tatsuya, Se7en (more to come hopefully)
Rating/Warning: Most likely pg-13 
Location: Quidditch practice field 
Style: LJ/Paragraph
Status: Open/Public
Summary: Kangin stands waiting on the quidditch practice field for the rest of those from Slytherin wishing to tryout for the team.

Heaving a heavy sigh, Kangin stood roughly in the middle of the field with his Nimbus 2001 in one hand while staring up at the sky for a moment or two. He doubted there really would be a team this year seeing as how there had been so little interest in Quidditch, but one could hope, could they not? Sighing, he shook his head before shifting from one foot to the other, making the decision to flop down onto his back in the middle of the field, broom still in one hand.
"Sooooooooooo bored. No one's gonna come." He mumbled to himself, staring up at the passing clouds before closing his eyes, letting go of his broom to place both hands under his head.
"So fucking lame..." Mumbling once again, Kangin just shook his head, feeling the sun warm his body to the point where he could actually feel himself slowly drifting off into a light sleep.

10 September 2008 @ 01:44 pm
Muses: Severus Snape, Kim Yoobin, Nakashima Mika, Choi Dongwook, Ueda Tatsuya, Seon Mi, Kim Junsu, Horikita Maki, Yang Rainie, Park Yoochun, Cho Kyuhyun, Jung Yunho
Rating/Warning: G
Location: Classroom, then heading towards kitchen
Style: AIM/Action
Status: Open/Incomplete
Summary: Snape makes students go to class on a Saturday, then they escape to go find food.

5 points from Hufflepuff!Collapse )
05 September 2008 @ 09:25 pm
Muses: Kim Youngwoon, Park Jungsu, Lee Hyukjae
Rating/Warning: PG-13 Swearing XD
Location: Venice
Style: AIM/Paragraph
Status: Private/Incomplete
Summary: Hyukjae takes Kangin and Eeteuk on a tour of Venice during the trip back to the Renaissance.

What are we going to do? Party with the locals?Collapse )
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08 August 2008 @ 12:36 pm
From time to time there will be events ranging between passive and active events. Passive events mean we post small changes around the school you need to keep note of when RPing, like the decor of the Great Hall, or the barring of the lake from students. These can range from important to random. Active events are when we host group RPs.

Summer Holidays Part 2
Type: Semi-Passive (Major passive event)
Duration: Thursday August 7th - Tuesday August 26th.
Accesses: Journal entries, AIM RPs, LJ RPs.
Note: This is the second half of the summer holidays. After the 26th, everyone has about a week to prepare for school (get school supplies, go to Diagon Alley, etc) and anything else. School term starts officially on September 1st.

For this half of the holidays, the students are going on a field trip back to the Renaissance (15th century) for the reason that it's educational (and fun). This is different from the device Hermione had in the stories in that you can't change the past, (thus changing the future) when you return to your own time. Once everyone returns back to the 21st century, the past sets back to the original state. They also cannot take anything living back to the future (technically shouldn't take anything back at all to satisfy my logic, but that would be no fun). This prevents any sort of gap or loop in the space and time continuum.

This also leaves serious mischief potential. Killing a muse is still out of the question, and for the most part, killing of other people is out of the question too. Unless you really think your muse is capable of killing someone... Creating colossal collateral damage requires major consequences, so if you want to burn down the coliseum, then be prepared to deal with the consequences. Double check any extremes you might consider before doing it. "Would my muse really do that"?

Dumbledore and Snape are the teacher supervisors for this trip. Both hold the time warp magical devices that allow them to bring the students to the Renaissance. For the sake of simplicity, we're not going into detail about what that is, just know they have it and can use it at any given time, and warp large quantities of people.

The story is, they're foreign students from a prestigious art school called Hogwarts and on a field trip. Not so far from the truth, but it is of the absolute essence students do not reveal their magical status to muggles. There will be some wizards and wizards in this era, but they will be in hiding as well. They're all staying at the Argenteo Inn (locanda in Italian but let's not get into semantics). And for the sake of simplicity (I like simplicity?), they all acquire the ability to speak and understand multiple languages of that time period through their journals, modified for this trip. It's recommended students shrink their journals when not in use so it's easier to carry around.

Don't use magic in front of muggles, otherwise be prepared to be called a witch and they will attempt to burn you at the stake. Or something.

There are eight groups, five students to each group and this is the sleeping arrangement as well. The groups pair off to make four groups in total, and they are used to move around the city and places so they don't all explore together. The students have free reign on where they want to go, provided their group prefect allows it. Prefect partners are their respective House prefect partners, and are required to work together.

The first week of the trip, wherever your imagination takes you, or whatever you want to do in Italy, go ahead and RP it out. They're staying in Venice, during the Carnival week. The masquerade will be held midway through the first week. During the Carnival, students can dress up like there will be many who are littering the streets all week, or save their costume for the masquerade, it's their choice. Also, all students will be dressed appropriately to the time period at all times. They're only allowed to bring a few personal possessions with them on the trip so choose wisely.

And...I know I'm missing something so I'll probably edit this. Questions can be directed here (or if you see me online, you can IM me there too).

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25 July 2008 @ 01:41 am
Muses: Chang Hyun and any members from the Ravenclaw house
Rating/Warning: None
Location: Ravenclaw House
Style: LJ / Paragraph
Status: Incomplete, public
Summary: Chang Hyun is hoping to meet the other members in his house, hoping to make friends and loose the feeling of being lonely.

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18 July 2008 @ 07:33 pm
Muses: Eunhyuk and anyone else who wants to join
Rating/Warning: G-PG-13?
Location: Astronomy tower, midnight
Style: LJ/Para
Status: Incomplete
Summary: Underneath the starry skies, Eunhyuk watches the shooting stars.

You’re my shining star, always and forever, Shine on me with a great love~Collapse )
16 July 2008 @ 02:13 pm
Muses: Eunhyuk and Rainie
Rating/Warning: PG-ish?
Location: Somewhere in Hogwarts (currently lost)
Style: AIM/ Paragraph
Status: Incomplete/Private
Summary: Rainie is helping a lost Eunhyuk find his way towards his common room while forming a new friendship.

Hello! Nice to meet you!Collapse )
13 July 2008 @ 11:52 pm
Muses: Jay Chou
Rating/Warning: PG 13 / Profanity?
Location: China
Style: LJ / Paragraph
Status: Private / Complete
Summary: Jay Chou having a bad summer holiday.

"God damn it, I hate this heat..." That thought has been running through my mind all morning on this humid day in July. The air is so saturated with humidity that I could actually feel myself sweating as I stand in the cold shower, not wanting to get out. I stood still with my eyes closed, enjoying the cool water hitting my face as I procrastinated for five more minutes before turning off the water. As I stepped out of the shower to towel myself dry, I heard giggling of children outside of the bathroom door. Knowing that something mischievous awaits me outside, I quickly seek to put on my clothes only to discover that my pants were not where I last left it. Realizing that I am indeed stuck on the receiving end of another frustrating prank set by those little brats, I felt myself sweating profusely as I grew more infuriated by the second. Putting on my shirt and boxers that they left for me so generously, I stormed out of the bathroom door, and promptly tripped over a heavy backpack which they conveniently placed outside of the door to impede my path.

"Did you have a nice trip?" One of the kids smartly asked as all of his posse's howled with laughter.

I stood up slowly, composed myself, and decided that a more...drastic measure is necessary.

"I will give you a 10 seconds head-start," I said slowly to no one in particular, "and whoever I catch, I will beat them savagely until they give me my pants."

The kids looked at each other and then immediately bolted in different directions. Some went to different bedrooms, others ran downstairs, and some even ran outside of the house.

"One, Two, Ten!" I yelled aloud and started to run towards the stairs, making as much noise as possible so the kids would think I was being true to my words. Instead of running down the stairs, I turned the corner and ducked into my bedroom to search for a different pair of pants. I have a job interview in one hour, and I really do not have time to play hide and seek with these brats.

"If I can get this job as assistant music editor," I thought to myself, "then I will never have to babysit for my grandma again, and I will never have to put up with such pestilence anymore."

Just as I thought I had outsmarted them, that I would not have to play their little game of cat and mouse, I realized that I have been mistaken for the second time today as I reached into my bag only to discover that my wallet and keys are in the pair of pants which they are currently holding hostage at an unknown location. I growled angrily at my predicament and got ready to hunt down these kids as quickly as possible.

"You wanna play?! Let's play!!!!!"