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12 October 2008 @ 10:09 pm
[LOG] How to Ride a Broomstick  
Muses: Joo Brian and Jang Woohyuk
Rating/Warning: PG
Location: Outside on school grounds, then lake
Style: AIM/Paragraph
Status: Private/Incomplete
Summary: Brian gives Ming [Woohyuk's female form] some flying lessons

It was the weekend which meant that there was no school, and he finished his homework too so he didn't have to worry about that. While he was in the common room, he looked out of the window and saw that the sky was clear. A sudden urge came to him then. Brian smiled to that and then turned his head to the other. "Hey, Ming."

"Yes?" She smiled automatically when hearing his voice, tearing her eyes from her book to look up at him from one of the comfy armchairs.She closes her book and sets it aside, pulling the clip out of her bangs to let it fall back to fram her face again.

While he was still sitting on the couch, he leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees as his head was still turned to her. "You said that you grew up with muggles, right?" After saying that, he looked back out the window and bit his lips. "... So you've never ridden a broomstick before?"

"Yes I did." She nods in confirmation, wondering what he was thinking about when he glanced back at the window again. "ah, no I haven't ridden one before, I don't think I'd last long on one." Laughs softly and picks slightly at the tips of her book.

He chuckled when he heard her words. "Well... would you like to try riding on one? I'll try to teach you the best I can if you do." Smirking, he then lightly scratched the nape of his neck thinking on how he'll go about doing that.

"Is it really ok?" Her breath catches, feeling a rush of thrill and fear at the same time. Thrill because she'd wanted to try flying at least once, but fear because she was frightened of plumeting off a great height.

"... I'm sure that it'll be fine." Of course, with him saying it like that, he was still a little unsure on how he'll be teaching Ming. Standing up from the couch, he smoothed out his shirt and pants. "So... would you like to give it a shot?"

"Yeah!" She sets her book aside to stand up. Ming trusted Brian to catch her if she started slipping, and she didn't think he would be irresponsible to invite her out and not look out for her when he knew she didn't know how to fly.

Nodding when he received her answer. "Great! I'll go get my broomstick then." he smiled at her a little bit and then turned to slowly make his way to their dorm to grab what he needed, coming back with it shortly after and showing it to her. "Shall we make our way now?"

"Yes please?" She holds her hand out for his, admiring his broom as it was her first time to look at one so close. Beforehand, Ming tended to avoid going near them because she was worried about what could happen. Her fingers gently close around his and she directs her happy smile at him.

Brian smiled and squeezed the other's hand gently as he started walking out of the common rooms and onto the grounds to find one of the best spots to fly around. Once he did find that spot, he gripped his broom tight again. "Ooooh kay~ .. how shall we do this? Should I show you how to ride a broom first?"

"Ummmmm," She swung their hands together, unsure of what to do. "Ummm, That sounds good, I guess?" She looked down from his face to the broom and wondered how she was going to be able to stay on it.

"Alright," he nodded. Brian at first wanted to show her how it would be like to ride the broom, so he swung one leg to the other side and was now hovering over the ground while he was sitting on the broom. "It might be difficult at first when you start out, but then riding a broomstick will eventually become second nature to you." Hovering over the ground for a bit, he started moving in wide circles to show her, and then got off the broom, handing it over to her and gave her directions on what to do.

Nodding, Ming timidly grabbed the broom and swung her leg over it, following his instructions. Her control over it was wobbly, and her wide eyes kept flickering back and forth between the broom and Brian, wondering what she should be doing next.

Since they were still at ground level while they were doing this, once in a while when he saw that the other was getting a little wobbly with her movements, his arms shot out to catch her in case she fell. When he saw that she was getting then hang of it, he smiled. "Alright. Now that you've gotten that done, when you're trying to lift yourself from the ground, you just angle your broomstick up to do that."

"Up?" Her voice comes out in a tiny squeak, already losing whatever nerve she had left. The thought of flying any higher on her own and on the first time...wasn't a really happy thought for her. She turned pleading eyes on him, not sure of what to do next since she was too scared to try going upwards.

Brian smiled at her when he saw that, rubbing her back lightly in comfort. "Yes, up," he said as he pointed toward the sky. "But if you're not ready to do that yet on your own, maybe I should show you?"

"Please?" She relaxed slightly under his hand, but was still scared of going higher. Belated she realized that her hands were gripping the broomstick rather tightly and tried to loosen the hold on them before she lost feeling in her fingers.

Nodding, he asked her to hand the broom back to him so that he was able to take the lead. And once he did get it back and was ready to fly, he patted the space behind him on the broom signaling to the other that she should occupy that spot. "You ready?"

At Brian's signal, she slid off the broom, waiting to see what would happen. Seeing him pat the space on the broom, it took a while to register what he meant by it and nodded. Slowly, she remounted the broom behind him and grabbed onto the sides of his robes, unsure of where else to place her hands. "I-I'm ready?"

Brian looked back and smiled to the other when she hopped on, gripping the broom firmly and then looking back to what was in front of him. "Okay, hold on tight!" From there, he decided to go slow at first, gradually elevating themselves from the ground and going at a moderate speed.

"Okay!" She sucked in a breath when they started moving, trying to get her apprehensive heart to slow down. When they started upwards she squeaked and fully hugged his middle, swearing that her heartbeat was still too high.

He thought that it was a slightly good thing how his back was turned against her, because as he started feeling those arms around him, he could have sworn that he was blushing lightly. But he chuckled from that, going up just a little higher and faster, having a place in mind to take her as they were flying.

Ming could feel that they were still going higher and his her face in the back of his robes. She tightened her hold around his mid-section and robes, just to ensure that she wouldn't fall off and took a small bit of comfort in his chuckle.

"Are you alright back there?" he asked as he chuckled again, feeling that her hold on him was tightening, but he really didn't mind that. They were flying above the trees now, and the school was in clear view of them when they looked to their side, hoping that the other would come to see this instead of the back of his robes. "Why don't you enjoy the view?"

"Are we going down?" She slightly shifts her face up so that the upper part is unhidden and looks up at him cautiously. "Aren't we still in the quidditch field?" She nearly does turn and look but Ming chickens out and hides her face again.

A smile crept on his face, and even if the other didn't see it at that moment, he shook his head. "We're not at the quidditch field any more, no. Come take a look at it yourself." Brian then started flying toward the lake, the scent of the fresh water misting around them.

"Really?" The sleeves of her robes had slid down in the time that she'd grabbed onto him, and now her bare arms could feel the cool moisture in the air. Curiously, she lifted her gaze again and feels her breath catch.

"Uh huh." Now that he was flying over the lake, he descended gradually until they were a couple meters away from the surface. He then turned his head to look back to Ming, wondering how she was doing. "Are you alright?"

"I'm...overwhelmed...?" For her, it felt like all her emotions were in a jumble, and she ducks her head, blushing and try to convince herself that her heart was still beating fast because of the flying lesson. Getting closer to the water, Ming suddenly felt th eurge to lean down and let her fingers trail through the cool water as they flew by, calming down with the pretty scenary around them.

"Is that a good or bad thing?" Looking back in front of him, Brian just flew a little lower to almost where they can skim the surface of the water, but not going much lower than that. He slowed down while he was doing this so that Ming could enjoy the scenery more... and enjoy it himself too, since he hasn't flown this way before.

"A little bit of both I think?" She loosens her hold and leans on him comfortably, finally relaxing a bit to fully enjoy the view of the lake. Smiling, she stretches out her foot and dips the tip of her foot in the water as they pass by, turning her head so that he cheeks rested against his back to watch the water ripple.

Now that they were hovering over the water and going at a slow speed, he loosened his grip on the broomstick, sitting up a little bit more so that he was looking down at the water too. When he saw the the other was enjoying this, he smiled lightly to her and then looked back down to the water to watch the ripples that she was making. "It's pretty going above the lake like this too, isn't it?"

"It really is pretty." Her smile grows and she squeezes him lightly with her arms. "Did you plan this before you saying that you wanted to teach me how to fly?" She moves her chin on his back and smiles up at him.

Brian smiled lightly again from the squeeze, and if he could wrap his arms around Ming right now, he would have. "Actually... no, I didn't. Coming to the lake was just an idea that came to mind when I was teaching you." He chuckled nervously, scratching his own cheek lightly.

Laughing softly, she turns her face again to her previous position. "It's a really good idea, I didn't expect something like this at all." she looked up with her eyes as she thought silently inside her mind.

"Ah... well I'm glad that you think that way then," he said as he went to looking at Ming, and then back to the water. Slowly they were still making their way across the water's surface, thinking right now that he should direct them back to dry land and nearer to the school again.

"Mhmm~" She hums absentmindedly in agreement, still in her thoughts. "I think that it's rather sweet~ Kinda like one of those shows where the guy does something really nice for the girl." She nods, cheeks rubbing against the robes in a way that showed that she was still wrapped in her thoughts and not actually aware of her surroundings at that moment.