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05 September 2008 @ 09:25 pm
[LOG] Venice Tour  
Muses: Kim Youngwoon, Park Jungsu, Lee Hyukjae
Rating/Warning: PG-13 Swearing XD
Location: Venice
Style: AIM/Paragraph
Status: Private/Incomplete
Summary: Hyukjae takes Kangin and Eeteuk on a tour of Venice during the trip back to the Renaissance.

veela teukie: Yawning, Eeteuk stretched and took Kangin's hand before leaning on him slightly. He looked up at his boyfriend and tilted his head before looking around where they were. "We're going out aren't we?"
TheOnlyRaccOon: Smiling at the hand in his, Kangin gave it a small squeeze while nodding lightly. "Yeah, we are, and I have to dress like a fucking douchebag too." He sighed, looking down at the garb he was wearing for that time period.
veela teukie: "You do not." Eeteuk tsked with his tongue and played with his long girl like brown hair. "I'm dressed like a girl Youngwoon." Laughing, he saw a familliar figure across the way. "Eunhyuk~~!"
eunhyukku: Eunhyuk turned at the call of his name and saw the two familiar faces of his groupmates. Waving hello, he ran towards them, excited for their spontaneously planned outing. "Hey you two!" he said smiling. "What are we going to do? Party with the locals?" he asked performing a small dance, "or go sight seeing?" looking around at the impressive architecture.
veela teukie: The elder smiled back and watched the other run up. "Anything is fine with me, though sight seeing would be better as I'm not wearing the er right clothes to party." He looked down at his outfit and laughed, thankful for the spell that gave him long hair. "And I haven't seen much yet really."
TheOnlyRaccOon: "I do too and I like you as a girl thanks. We've learned this." He said with a small smirk before looking up to see Hyukjae. "I'm good with sight seeing as well or anything really. So long as we do something."
eunhyukku: "Great! Then sight seeing it is! We should rent a gondola and take a look around!" he said eagerly. Eunhyuk's secret desire however, was to be the pilot of the gondola. He looked to his groupmates, "And maybe I can drive it?" he cocked his head cutely to one side and batted his eyelashes, hoping his little ploy would work.
veela teukie: "That sounds lovely Eunhyuk~" Eeteuk smiled brightly and brushed his bangs out of his eyes as he watched the other and laughed softly. "If they let you, maybe. We have to see first though." The elder had always been kinder with this sort of thing.
TheOnlyRaccOon: The thought of Eunhyuk driving the gondola wasn't exactly what Kangin wanted to hear or think of as he shook his head. "You in charge of that, yeah, no."
eunhyukku: "Fine." Eunhyuk's cute facade quickly changed to a sullen one. "Well then, I say we go see Basilica di San Marco a Venezia! They say it's a beautiful church." Eunhyuk pointed to his traveler's guide he had stashed in his pocket just before leaving.
veela teukie: "I've never heard of it, but if it's beautiful then why not?" Eeteuk grinned and squeezed Kangin's hand before dragging him forward. "Lead the way Eunhyuk~"
TheOnlyRaccOon: Sighing, Kangin squeezed back at Eeteuk's hand and just followed him forward like he normally did as he pretty much did whatever his boyfriend asked or told of him. "Then lead the damn gondola." He mumbled.
eunhyukku: Eunhyuk looked over his shoulder looking confused yet happy at the same time. Had he not just heard no gondola driving but then yes? "So I'm driving the gondola?! Awesome!" He cheered and rushed towards the nearest gondola port, looking for a willful driver who'd let him borrow his boat.
veela teukie: "Hm? If they let you, I'm alright with it. You just have to be careful Eunhyukkie." Giggling softly, Eeteuk swung his and Kangin's hands slightly. He smiled as he watched Eunhyuk run towards the boats, leaning up and kissing Kangin's cheek softly.
TheOnlyRaccOon: The swinging of their hands always made Kangin smile, but even more so at the kiss to his cheek as he watched Hyukjae run about. "Reminds me of parents watching after their kid you know." He said softly to Eeteuk, chuckling a bit.
eunhyukku: After a bit of bartering, some exchanging of Italian (which greatly surprised Eunhyuk), and a change of attire, Eunhyuk was ready to navigate the canals to St. Marco's Basilica. Excitedly he waved to Eeteuk and Kangin.
veela teukie: "Well someone does have to watch him, he gets a bit exciting sometimes." Eeteuk sighed and watched for a bit. Seeing the other wave, he walked with his boyfriend over to the boat, lifting his long skirt. "Found one?"
TheOnlyRaccOon: "I suppose so, but still. It's cute and sped at the same time." He said with a chuckle, which only turned into a loud laugh at Hyukjae's excited wave. Kangin followed along after Eeteuk and just shook his head at the younger, smiling a bit.
eunhyukku: "I am the epitome of cool." Eunhyuk said, posing akimbo at the pilot's seat. "Ahem," taking a more professional tone, Eunhyuk began his welcome. "Welcome to La Bellissima Rosa! I, Eunhyuk shall be driving you to St. Marco's Basilica today! Please keep hands and feet inside the gondola at all times. Thank you for riding!"
veela teukie: Laughing softly, Eeteuk lifted up his skirt and climbed into the gondola, brushing his bangs out of his eyes. He was glad he chose to be a girl. After the other's speech he smiled and clapped his hands softly.
TheOnlyRaccOon: Rolling his eyes and shaking his head, still feeling stupid for his clothing mind you, Kangin stepped down from the dock onto the gondola to take a seat up next to Eeteuk.
veela teukie: Scooting over, he fixed the flower in his hair and cuddled up to Kangin as Eunhyuk became the pilot of the gondola. Smiling, Eeteuk was glad yet again he chose to be a girl today.
eunhyukku: Eunhyuk pushed his vessel along the canals of Venice, singing who knows what in Italian. He was the happiest boy in all of Italy right now. After a while, he began to see the spires of the basilica rising over the homes. "I think we're almost there!" he shouted, despite his passangers being right in front of him.
TheOnlyRaccOon: Kangin smiled at his boyfriend and looped an arm around his waist while he laughed at the singing Hyukjae was doing. "You're an odd boy you know?"
veela teukie: Placing his head on Kangin's shoulder, he closed his eyes and smiled. To other's they were just another couple together on a romantic rid, minus the singing. "But at least it sounds good."
eunhyukku: "Psh, just cause I sound good." Eunhyuk threw his nose up in the air playfully. "Just joking." The basilica was in his sights. As skillfully as he could, he parked his gondola by a small wooden deck. "We're here!"
veela teukie: The elder laughed and nuzzled against Kangin as the other drove the boat. Soon they touched the deck and Eeteuk waited for Kangin to get out first before following him. "It looks nice already."
TheOnlyRaccOon: Smiling at the other, he ran his hand caressingly down over Eeteuk's side while turning his head to kiss the top of his boyfriend's before stepping out of the gondola once it was parked, offering his hand to Eeteuk's. "It really does look nice." He commented while turning his head enough to look back at the architecture.
veela teukie: Taking Kangin's hand and smiling he got out and fixed his skirts. Eeteuk was thankful this wasn't anywhere near the extravagence of his ball dress and held on tightly to the other's hand. "Then again this all is nice."
eunhyukku: "Am I tour guide Eunhyuk now?" Eunhyuk questioned, looking curiously at the two lovebirds.
TheOnlyRaccOon: "It seems to be that way, yeah." Kangin replied with a small shrug and a grin, holding onto his boyfriend's hand happily.
veela teukie: "Of course you are. I mean you do have the guidebook." Eeteuk bit his lip and smiled.
eunhyukku: "Ah, ok then." nodding, he pulled out his book and began to read off the text. "The exterior of the basilica is divided in three registers: lower, upper, and domes. In the lower register of the façade five round-arched portals, enveloped by polychrome marble columns, open into the narthex through bronze-fashioned doors."
veela teukie: Nodding, he listened to the younger as a slight breeze blew his hair a bit around him. Now he remembered why he didn't like long hair. Eeteuk looked up at the building and then back at Eunhyuk.
eunhyukku: "And...what else would you like to hear? According to the book there are mosaics that detail the stories of the Basilica's relics. They're in lunettes." he said with a doubtful tone, he didn't know what lunettes were.
veela teukie: "Interesting, I'm guessing we can go more inside...right?" Eeteuk raised an eyebrow.
TheOnlyRaccOon: "I prefer just to look at this thing for myself rather than hear about it, so are we going inside to see things and possibly fuck up some stuff, or what?"
eunhyukku: This was a person of similar prominence. Squinting his eyes he got a better look. It was Leonardo Da Vinci!
veela teukie: Watching the other, Eeteuk stopped and raised his eyebrows curiously. "Is something wrong Eunhyuk~?"
eunhyukku: "It's Leonardo Da Vinci! The creator of the Mona Lisa!" he said, astounded he was in the presance of such a great artist. "I wonder where he's going...we should follow." Watching the old man retreat, Eunhyuk looked towards his groupmates. Were they willing to follow?
veela teukie: "Really?" Eeteuk's eyes widened a bit as he thought for a moment and nodded. "Alright, let's." It could be fun after all. He pulled Kangin with him and smiled.
TheOnlyRaccOon: Once again, he obdiently followed with a roll of his eyes, not really understanding Hyukjae's freakout over this man. He painted some famous painting. So what? "Whatever you want."
eunhyukku: "We're in the 15th century, right? I remember reading that this was around the time he started his work on the Mona Lisa. Wouldn't it be awesome if we saw the works in progress of one of the greatest pieces known to man?!"
veela teukie: The elder laughed and nodded at the other's words. "That would be pretty different~ we just can't you know, mess anything up. >_>"
eunhyukku: "What are you talking about Eeteuk? We're good kids from a good school!" he inconspicuously hid his wand in his sleeve. Definately good kids.
veela teukie: ".....Right so that wand you have is...?" He laughed and shook his head, fixing his bangs quickly and placing the flower back. Eeteuk just dimpled and held the other's hand.
eunhyukku: "A stick! In the eyes of these lovely people who won't move." Eunhyuk growled, pushing his way through the masses. Darn festivities. At times he wished he weren't so inquisitive. Catching sight of Da Vinci again, he purged forth, more quickly this time, eager to see where the old man's work was.
veela teukie: Laughing, Eeteuk just shook his head and pulled his boyfriend along through the crowds. To everyone else he was just a pretty girl taking her boyfriend with him for a good time so it worked out well.
TheOnlyRaccOon: Kangin had just been thinking things over in his head the entire time and wondering what the hell they were going to do with Da Vinci and this painting once they met the man, interlacing his fingers with Eeteuk as they walked.
eunhyukku: After some walking and people pushing, Da Vinci had unknowingly led them to his home. Eunhyuk observed as Da Vinci magically opened the gates to his august home. "Magic? Is this guy a wizard?"
veela teukie: "A lot of great people were wizards Eunhyuk~" Eeteuk pointed out as he squeezed Kangin's hand and swung them slightly. A passerby commented on how cute the young girl and her boyfriend were together making the elder giggle.
TheOnlyRaccOon: "I honestly didn't think of that." Kangin commented, turning his head to look at the passerby. The comment actually made him blush and he just shook his head, smiling as he said his thanks yous.
eunhyukku: Eunhyuk quietly snickered as he saw the couple blush. It must be nice. "Today has shown me that I should not fall asleep during history. Now, how to get in? He probably has a strong spell on his lock."
TheOnlyRaccOon: "Teuk, you're smart. You can think of something." Kangin said with a grin, squeezing his boyfriend's hand like that made a difference with what he said.
veela teukie: Biting his lip, Eeteuk looked around as he let go of Kangin's hand and wandered over to the gate. Thinking for a moment he looked over at the wall and wandered along it. "There must be a secret entrance of some sort here, this is a very old version of our own gate at home basically...homemade though." Pressing bricks, he tried to find the right one and smiled as he did, the wall opening.
eunhyukku: "Òttimo!" Eunhyuk cried, pumping a fist in the air. "Come on Kangin! Let's go!" he called out, running towards Eeteuk and the wall opening.
TheOnlyRaccOon: Raising an eyebrow at what Hyukjae had said, he just shook his head, and followed after the two. "Yeah yeah. I'm coming Hyuk."
veela teukie: Stretching his arms, Eeteuk smiled and fixed his dress before following the two through. He looked around for the block to close it and hit it easily, the wall closing behind them. "Huh, how funny. He created our gate at home."
eunhyukku: "Really Eeteuk?" he looked in awe at the one in the dress. This trip was turning out to be full of surprises! "Now, to get inside!" Eunhyuk snuck up to a window surrounded by ivy. They didn't call him monkey for nothing. He began to scale the ivy wall, towards the window, all the while praying to God that he wouldn't fall.
TheOnlyRaccOon: How the younger managed to do such a thing was beyond Kangin and he just watched Hyukjae's actions, blinking a bit up at him. "The kid is fucking insane is all I have to say to that."
veela teukie: The elder nodded and looked over suprised. Suddenly Eunhyuk was crawling the wall and Eeteuk looked over worried. "Eunhhyuk make sure not to hurt yourself!" He looked over at his boyfriend and just laughed.
eunhyukku: "I won't!" he called out, giving them a small wave of his hand. He was nearly at the ledge. His hands searched for the windowledge. As soon as he felt the cold stone under his hand he quickly grabbed it and skillfully lifted himself into the window. "Success! Now, let me go open the front door!" he called out from inside.
veela teukie: Eeteuk just shook his head, Eunhyuk could of gotten really hurt from that. Sighing, he crossed his arms and looked at the door, wondering how the other wasn't getting caught.
TheOnlyRaccOon: "This boy is a huuuuuuuuuuuge sped." Kangin commented, shaking his head lightly as he waited along with his boyfriend for the door to open.
eunhyukku: Inside, Eunhyuk roamed around for a bit admiring the pretty artwork that...had many beautiful young men upon it. It surprised him he wasn't caught yet. He shrugged, better for him, no speaking spontaneous Italian for him then! He turned a corner along a long hall way and found the entrance hall, quickly he rushed over and opened the door. "DA VINCI LIKES PRETTY BOYS!" he shouted, beckoning them inside.
veela teukie: "Da Vinci likes what now?" Eeteuk raised an eyebrow as he uncrossed his arms and started for the inside. He cautiously entered the house, his dark eyes widening a bit as he looked around.
TheOnlyRaccOon: "DON'T FUCKING SCREAM THAT HYUK!" Kangin yelled back at the younger boy, frowning at him, and shaking his head as he followed along to the inside of the house.
eunhyukku: "Sorry!" Eunhyuk said with a sniff. He inclined his head, looking at his shoes. "But if you look around, you'll see. Anyone care to look for the studio?"
veela teukie: "Well some people do have a prefrence for the other gender you know~" Himself being one of those people. Eeteuk nodded slowly and took Kangin's hand again as he started walking.
TheOnlyRaccOon: "Yeah well, don't shout it while the man is still home." He replied with a sigh, ruffling the younger's hair as he walked through the house with his boyfriend.
eunhyukku: "Sorry" he repeated with a bow. "I'll be more quiet". Now inside, he wondered where to go to next. The place was considerably large. "Should we split up and look for the studio?"
veela teukie: "....Maybe, I don't know. What if you get caught?" The elder asked curiously.
eunhyukku: "I don't know..." Eunhyuk considered the posibilities, they didn't look too promising. "Maybe not."
veela teukie: "You can't use magic either or you'll be burned, even if it is a slight tingle." Eeteuk bit his lip hard in thought.
eunhyukku: "I'll get burned? Oh my." He scratched his head in thought. "Maybe we could pose as visitors and ask to be shown to the studio? I'm sure Da Vinci has plenty of visitors."
veela teukie: The veela just raised his eyebrow and laughed softly, shaking his head. "You won't get burned, it just tingles in a ticklish way." Sighing, he leaned against the wall. "Alright, I suppose that might work."
eunhyukku: "Oh! Ok!" he sighed with relief. He didn't want a singed hand. Eunhyuk suddenly felt his legs extremely heavy. Plopping onto the floor, he looked up at Eeteuk and Kangin. "I think I'm a bit tired, can we rest for a bit?"
veela teukie: This was all just confusing Eeteuk a bit as he looked down at the other. "You want to rest in the middle of a hallway?"
TheOnlyRaccOon: "Would you prefer we just go home and sleep? Maybe come back here tomorrow?" Kangin asked with a raise of his brow, crossing his arms over his chest.
eunhyukku: "No! We've come this far! We can't go home!" Eunhyuk scrambled to his feet and shook his head defiantly. "I'll go look for a servant! Wait here!" as quickly as he had gotten up, he took off in search of a servant.
veela teukie: "Uh..." Eeteuk, having always had plans for most things, stood there a bit confused as hthe other ran of. "Why is he getting a servant?"
TheOnlyRaccOon: "Oh god if I know. This is just...really weird." Kangin commented as he looked down at his boyfriend, shaking his head a bit.
eunhyukku: Searching around, Eunhyuk found what he was looking for. He called a servant over, explaining his situation, well, most of it. "So, do you think it'd be possible for us to visit the studio while we wait for Mr. Da Vinci?" The servant nodded. Eunhyuk's face lightened up and gave the servant a small bow of thanks. "Now, let's go pick up the others!" he led the servant back to the hallway where Eeteuk and Kangin were waiting. "This servant is going to take us to the studio!" Eunhyuk said happily, pointing to the said person.
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